The Story (Who the heck am I?)

I am a ridiculously passionate writer, content strategist, speaker, mid-westerner, and entrepreneur who gets out of bed because I’ve made it my mission to help people and companies share their story and knowledge in a way that allows them to be heard.

So basically, I help people listen to their audience, so that their audience listens to them.

I lived in downtown Las Vegas for the past 4 years in one of the most unique, yet rewarding situations I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams. I discovered a startup community, by accident, in Las Vegas that led me to working and honing in on my communication and content skills. I found myself meeting some of my favorite authors, and highly successful entrepreneurs on a daily basis who came to explore our community.

Through conversations, experience, and a whole lot of pushing through failures I learned what great content was all about, and I’ve used my knowledge to help coach a variety of clients in TED Talks, keynote presentations, and start up pitches, engage online audiences and stand out from the noise, and build authority.I believe great content relies on the ability to listen, and I help others do that so they can deliver value to the people who are listening to them.

Why I Do What I Do

Hi, I’m Nina.

First, I want to start by saying that I feel honored you are taking the time to read this page. You rock! I believe that all of us have a wealth of knowledge that we can share with others to add value to their lives by helping them solve a problem or better their world.

This is why I am passionate about content.

Content is in what we say, and how we say it. Great content has the power to teach, inspire, and benefit this beautiful planet in so many ways. I do what I do, because I believe that creating and sharing great content will lead to better companies, smarter and happier people, and more inspiring leaders that will have a ripple effect on the planet. Some of my favorite examples of incredible world changing content include:

  • Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream” speech
  • Google and it’s seemingly infinite knowledge at our fingertips
  • TED Talks: Go here and choose what you want to be inspired about:
  • Any piece of art. Art is content that manifests feelings and thoughts into other forms.

What I Do

This is How I Add Value


Content Writing

Many people make the mistake of writing for Google, when in reality Google shows you more love when you write for people. This doesn’t mean keywords aren’t important (they are!), but great content is written in a way that includes both. Types of content I create are blogs, newsletters, website copy, social media, white papers and eBooks, webinar and online presentations, speeches, interviews, videos, and podcasts.

Content Strategy

I build a content strategy that is based off of loads of research! Audience research is my secret sauce to creating an effective content strategy. The part of content marketing that is neglected most often is the research. I will often be brought in on a project just to conduct research because it is the groundwork for what your target audience wants. My strategy also includes well defined goals including how to measure success, keyword strategies, channel plans, and more.


I am fueled by the opportunities I get to work with great companies. I consult and host workshops on content strategy, and I work with your marketing team to create a content strategy that is fully aligned with your company’s goals and audience. Need a solid base of research? I often say I am a professional listener, because I will go in and join your target audience’s conversation to find out what they want to know and need to know so that your strategies align with these needs. For Startups: Living in a startup world for 4 years, I’ve also taken my content strategies to investor pitches, and have hosted workshops on crafting your pitch.

Nina helped me work though a TEDx talk last year and I couldn’t be more grateful. I think she has a great eye for improvements in public speaking techniques and knows how to turn it into feedback that gets at the heart of the problem. Dylan Jorgensen

Collision Scientist, Downtown Project

If you would have seen The Beatles in their formative years, watched Michael Jordan tirelessly perfect his art of basketball, or studied Donald Trump as he was building his empire; you would be witnessing the development of greatness. Just as these examples represent the development of superstars; Nina is a superstar in training. She is not only on the road to success, she wears a rocket pack fueled by entrepreneurial hunger for success, an uncanny ability to recognize greatness in people, and a willingness to work her tail off! Nina is an inspiration to anyone who is in her presence, and she is an amazing leader. Dave “The Shef” Sheffield

Motivational Speaker


The Story Behind The Speaker

I don’t know about you, but I really dislike speaker bios written in 3rd person. It’s my story, and I should be the one telling it, right?

In high-school, I was pretty much the opposite of what you would expect if you met me now. I was incredibly shy, quiet as a mouse, and had zero stage presence. When I was asked to speak in front of my classmates I would plan elaborate schemes to fake an illness the day of the presentation, and even pretended to lose my voice an entire school day.

I decided one day that it was more painful to have all these awesome ideas and insights left to dwindle away because I was too shy, than mustering up some courage and learning how to communicate those ideas in a way that people would listen and be inspired.

I became borderline obsessed with TED Talks and have watched somewhere over 600 talks analyzing the content and structure behind great storytelling. In college I learned all about marketing and communication, and I was mostly fascinated by the science behind what connected with people and why.

I lived in one of the most unique situations anyone can imagine for the past 4 years in Las Vegas, NV, in a startup project called The Downtown Project. I lived in a community where everyone you met was an entrepreneur or one in the making, and was incredibly blessed to meet hundreds of highly successful entrepreneurs and speakers on a daily basis who came to visit our community.

Through this experience I fell in love with content. Content as a business strategy, as a relationship builder, as a personal growth tool, and as a way to help people solve problems. Through my experience I have identified the most effective ways to connect with and engage with others through content and content strategy. I’ve used my knowledge to help coach a variety of clients in TED Talks, keynote presentations, and start up pitches, engage online audiences and stand out from the noise, and build authority.

I believe that we all really want two things:

To be heard and to feel significant. I believe that great content helps others achieve these two things, and makes their lives easier, better, and happier.

What you can expect from me as a speaker:

As a speaker, I promise to deliver high energy, engaging and useful content, passion that is contagious, and lots of audience participation. When I am on stage I am fully present in that moment, and I read the audience to gauge which stories, content, and insights will resonate with the most people.

Specific topics I can speak on

  • How to create share-worthy content: Competition is high in the content world, how are you going to stand out?
  • Becoming an authority using the right content strategy
  • Listening. The Key to Building an Engaged Audience
  • What Story Books Can Teach You About Content Marketing

More topics I can speak on

  • Becoming a better writer
  • Start-up Communication Strategies
  • Why Understanding Content Strategy Will Help You Create An Epic Talk

The audiences I love speaking to most are middle school to high school aged groups

I believe that every kid has the capacity to grow up and do something phenomenal to impact the world in a positive way. I speak and host workshops at schools about the following topics:

  • The Content Your Mind Needs for Success
  • Entrepreneurism
  • Self Confidence and Building Charisma
  • Public Speaking and Storytelling: How to Go From Shy To Shining!

I would highly recommend Nina Tomaro. She was a wonderful speaker at Inspire! talks and was so well spoken and easy to work with. She also co-curated creativ week and was so helpful and knowledgeable in helping identify speakers as well as training them prior to their talks. Amanda Slavin

CEO, Catalyst Creativ

I also LOVE to emcee and interview for events.

As a host at your next conference, awards event, or meeting I promise to deliver high charisma and high energy that will infuse attendees with excitement. I believe in using inspiration, story telling, some audience involvement, and of course some humor to connect and engage with attendees. Tech and startup events looking for an onstage interviewer will be more than satisfied. I have interviewed pretty cool cats on my podcast, and from past events, and know how to play off of others energy and stage presence.

Audiences embrace Nina’s passion and spirit of courageous authenticity the moment she takes the stage. She delivers insights and inspiration from the heart that resonate on all levels – professional, personal and spiritual. Nina is a fresh personality in a sea of platitudes who delivers messages that audiences are hungry to hear. Tami Belt

CEO & Founder, Blue Cube Marketing Solutions

If you are diggin what you just read contact Joanna Finney at Eleven 26 Talent for all booking inquiries below.

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I believe the dialogue we have with ourselves daily is just as important as the conversations we have with others. This blog covers both the content we share with others and the content we feed our own minds. It has ideas that help you communicate better, engage fully and more often, and videos/people/words that I think you will find inspiring.

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